Developmental Brownbag Speakers

Spring 2020

All meetings occur from 12:20-1:10 in Bous 162. Please contact Umay Suanda with any questions about Brownbag. 

Date Speaker(s)   Topic
01/31 Dr. Florencia Anggoro
(Assoc. Prof., Psychology,
College of the Holy Cross)
Designing Cognitive Supports for Children’s Science Learning
02/07 Emily Yearling
(DEV Grad Student, Psych Sci., UConn)
Keeping Track of Change: Developmental Insights into the Ability to Represent Objects in Episodic Terms
02/14 Dr. Clifton Langdon
(Post Doc, Psych Sci, UConn)
02/21 Dr. Anthony Goodwin
(Adj. Prof., Psych Sci, ECSU)
The Role of Co-Speech Gestures in the Language Development of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
02/28 Dr. Olga Kepinska
(Post Doc, Psych Sci, UConn)
Effects of Linguistic Diversity on L1 Lexical Knowledge and Processing in Kindergartners
03/06 Dr. Rhiannon Luyster
(Assoc. Prof., Comm Sci & Dis,
Emerson College)
What, Why, and How Many? Questions Asked by Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
04/03 Dr. Tara Mandalaywala
(Asst Prof., Psych & Brain Sci, UMass)
A Kid’s-Eye View of Race and Status
04/10 Dr. Leah Lessard
(Post Doc, Rudd Center & HDFS, UConn)
Promoting Social Inclusion in a School Setting: A Social Contextual Approach to Reducing Educational and Health Disparities in Adolescence
04/17 Maddie Quam & Katelyn Pitcher
(DEV Grad Students, Psych Sci., UConn)
DEV First-Year Research Fest – Day 1
04/24 Cynthia Boo & Kara Vlahcevic
(DEV Grad Students, Psych Sci., UConn)
DEV First-Year Research Fest – Day 2
05/01 DEV End-of-Year Potluck