Developmental Graduate Students

Cynthia Boo

Advisor: Letitia Naigles

Research Interests: cultural influences during early childhood,
language production among autistic children, narrative patterns in bi-cultural contexts
Kelsey Davinson

Advisor: Kimberly Cuevas 

Research Interests: memory development, infant learning and memory, neuroimaging (EEG and MRI)
Amanda Mankovich

Advisor: Umay Suanda

Research Interests: language acquisition,
parent-child interaction, child attention and reasoning  
Meaghan Perdue

Advisor: Nicole Landi

Research Interests: literacy development, reading disorders, neural underpinnings of reading
Katelyn Pitcher

Advisor: Rhiannon Smith

Research Interests: stereotype and bias development in children
Madeline Quam

Advisor: Marie Coppola

Research Interests: Language acquisition and emergence, homesign, sign languages, number cognition
Vivi Tecoulesco

Advisor: Letitia Naigles

Research Interests: learning and language in individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), lexical acquisition and organization, central auditory system’s role in language processing
Martina Villa

Advisor: Nicole Landi

Research Interests: dyslexia, neural networks for reading, visual processing, machine learning
Kara Vlahcevic

Advisor: Nicole Landi

Research Interests: individual differences in reading disabilities (e.g. Dyslexia) and response to intervention
Emily Yearling

Advisor: Gerry Altmann

Research Interests: the interaction between perception and action in the developing brain,
development of categorical and conceptual knowledge,
cognitive development in early childhood