July 2021: DEV grad student Cynthia Boo defends her Master’s Thesis & publishes findings!

Congratulations to Cynthia Boo, M.A., M.S., on her successful MS Thesis defense on July 29, 2021!

Her thesis was titled, “Structural and Pragmatic Language Abilities of Children with ASD, ADHD, and Comorbid Symptoms of Both during Conversational Discourse in a Virtual Reality Task”.   (Advisor: L. Naigles)

Find out more about her findings in her recent Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders publication with Dr. Naigles & colleagues.

DEV graduate students awarded SLAC fellowships!

Congratulations to several DEV graduate students for receiving year-long fellowships in the Science of Learning and Art of Communication (SLAC). These traineeships are part of a National Science Foundation Research Traineeship grant awarded to an inter-disciplinary team at UConn (click here for more details on SLAC).

DEV SLAC Fellows for 2020-2021: Emily Yearling & Kara Vlahcevic

DEV SLAC Fellows for 2021-2022: Cynthia Boo, Kelsey Davinson, & Maddie Quam

DEV SLAC Fellows for 2022-2023: Kaya LeGrand

DEV grad students Maddie Quam and Katelyn Pitcher successfully defend Master’s Theses!

Congratulations to Maddie and Katelyn on their successful MS Thesis defenses!

Maddie’s thesis was titled “The Role of Language in Object Tracking: Evidence from Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, and Typically Hearing Children” (Advisor: Marie Coppola).

Katelyn’s thesis was titled “Asexual Adolescents’ Identity Development and Social-Emotional Adjustment” (Advisor: Rhiannon Smith).

Meaghan Perdue presents at Psychological Science’s Graduate Colloquium

The Department of Psychological Sciences community gathered virtually on March 10th 2021 to hear an excellent collection of graduate student presentations from the Department’s graduate programs.

DEV’s very own Meaghan Perdue did a wonderful job representing DEV at the event with a talk on her research (“Correspondence between Structural and Functional Neural Correlates of Reading in Children”).

For a link to Meaghan’s and the other Cross-Disciplinary Graduate Colloquium talks, click here.

Welcome Kelsey and Martina, DEV’s newest graduate students

August 2020: A belated, but no less warm, welcome to Kelsey Davinson and Martina Villa, the newest graduate student members of the DEV program. Kelsey is coming to us from UC-Davis and will be joining the Cognition, Action and Psychophysiology Lab (PI: Dr. Kimberly Cuevas). Martina comes to UConn from the Scientific Institute IRCCS Eugenio Medea in Lombardy, Italy, and will be joining Dr. Nicole Landi’s Lab.