Congrats to Kayleigh, Manya, and Parker, DEV’s newly-minted PhDs


Manya Jyotishi, Kayleigh Ryherd and Parker Tichko all successfully defended their dissertations this past spring / summer.

Manya’s dissertation was titled “Cross-Cultural Comparison of Narratives between English-Speaking Indian and US Children and Adults”; she recently joined Applied Survey Research in San Jose, California, as a Senior Research Analyst.

Kayleigh defended a dissertation titled “Exploring the Role of Language in Two Systems for Categorization”; she works as a Quantitative Analyst for PFP Services in Orange, CT.

Parker Tichko’s dissertation was on “Developmental Models of Musical Rhythm and Investigating Auditory-Motor Interactions in the Brainstem” and is now a post-doctoral researcher at Northeastern University.

Congrats Manya, Kayleigh and Parker, best of luck to you all, you are missed here in Storrs!