Developmental Brownbag Speakers

Spring 2017

All meetings occur from 12:20-1:10 in Bous 162.

Date Speaker Topic
1/20/17 Organizational Brownbag
1/27/17 Caitlin Lombardi Maternal Support of Young Children’s Numerical Concepts, Spatial Concept Learning, and Planning as Predictors of Later Math and Reading Achievement
2/10/17 Vivi Tecoulesco & Deanna Gagne Navigating the IRB
2/17/17 Gabi Fish Unpacking the NRSA Submission
2/24/17 Ruth Lucas Breastfeeding sucking microstructure as a developmental measure
3/3/17 Katie Shaw
3/10/17 Meaghan Perdue Magnetic resonance spectroscopy and individual differences in reading
3/17/17 Spring Break
3/31/17 Kayleigh Ryherd Novel concept learning in poor comprehenders
4/7/17 Cancelled SRCD
4/14/17 Russell Richie Conventionalization and reduction in an emerging communication system: An experimental and computational modeling investigation
4/21/17 Iris Chin Variable pragmatic performance in children with autism spectrum disorders
4/28/17 Umay Suanda  and Social Potluck  K99s