Name Ph.D. Year Current Position (Initial Position) Advisor
Russell Richie 2017 Postdoc, University of Pennsylvania M. Coppola
Kaitlin Flannery 2017 Assistant Professor, SUNY Cortland R. Smith
Deanna Gagne 2017 Postdoctoral Associate, Boston University M. Coppola
Sarah Sanborn 2015 Full-time Lecturer, Clemson University J. Green
Margaret Yeh 2015 L. Naigles
Lauren Broder 2014 Director of Research and Evaluation at 826 National J. Green
Jennifer Bisson 2014 Clemson University J. Green
Sergey Kornilov 2014 (PAC) Post-doctoral Fellow, Yale Child Study Center N. Landi*
Jason Anastas 2013 Assistant Professor in Residence, UConn – Hartford (APIR, UConn – Torrington) J. Dixon
Anthony Goodwin 2013 Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Waisman Center L. Naigles
Emma Kelty-Stephen 2013 Assistant Professor, Grinnell College (Visiting Assistant Professor) L. Naigles
Pamela Whitney 2012 Data analyst, private consulting (Assistant Professor in Residence, UConn – Torrington) J. Green
Rebecca Bonocoddo 2011 Assistant Professor, Central Connecticut State University (Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Wisconsin-Madison) J. Dixon
Saime Tek 2010 Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey (Post-doctoral Fellow, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Johns Hopkins University) L. Naigles
Alice Ann Howard Gola 2008 Social Science Research Analyst at USDA Food and Nutrition Service (Post-doctoral Fellow, Georgetown University) L. Naigles
Lauren Swensen Meade 2007 Clinical Coordinator, Institute of Professional Practice, Woodbridge, CT  (Post-doctoral Fellow, Institute for Basic Research and Developmental Disabilities, Staten Island, NY) L. Naigles
Xin Chen 2006 Visting Instructor, Maryville College (Post-doctoral Fellow, Vanderbilt) J. Green
Elizabeth Kelley 2006 Associate Professor, Queens University, Ontario, Canada (Assistant Professor) L. Naigles
Hung-Chu Lin 2006 Associate Professor, University of Louisiana Lafayette J. Green
Rebecca Martin 2004 Associate Professor, South Dakota State University J. Green
Lara Mayeux 2004 Associate Professor, University of Oklahoma (Assistant Professor) T. Cillessen

*Associate Advisor

Please note that this page only lists alumni from 2004 to the present.